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Considering the difficulty in developing safe and sustainable products for explosive atmospheres, due to the complexity of the normative requirements and their interpretations, as well as the methods for their implementation and the test methods, CPEx offers specific training for all types of protections, in order to enable your team to develop products, understand the requirements of tests.

The trainings aim to present the technical requirements for each type of protection, in order to present the normative requirements, their interpretation, test methods and strategies to achieve compliance in the most efficient way possible.

- Treinamento conhecimentos Gerais para Atmosferas Explosivas.

- Specific training for types of protection, such as:

  • Explosion-proof - “Ex d”.

  • Protected by pressurization - “Ex p”.

  • Protected by increased security - “Ex e”.

  • Protected by intrinsic safety - “Ex i”.

  • Protected by encapsulation - “Ex m”.

  • Protection of equipment against dust ignition by enclosure - “Ex t”.

  • Other types of protection.

  • We are a family owned and operated business.

The advantage of knowing such requirements makes it possible to design products that comply with all possible applicable standards around the world, for the locations where the product can be marketed, so our customers carry out what we call a single project for access global, which is that project that is able to access all markets, with all its specifics already planned, even if not implemented, but already tested.

We adapt our training to be carried out at the facilities of our customers, but we also provide the same training by electronic means, which allow the connection of people anywhere on the planet.

The training below aims to provide companies with an explanation of the criteria established for the certification process according to the requirements established in each location, in addition to presenting strategies to make such processes efficient and without "surprises".

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CPEx has a highly qualified team, prepared to meet the diverse needs of our partners. We have certification, training and inspection services, with standards and partnerships that enable us to serve customers in Brazil and abroad.




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